Covid-19: An easy update to achieve healthier meetings.

I have had both Covid-19 vaccine doses and the Covid-19 booster dose. (I also got the seasonal flu vaccine in Dec 2021). I intend to get another Covid-19 booster dose as soon as it becomes available to me. I continue to venture away from home base only to complete necessary tasks. The Covid-19 Alert application on my phone has never yet indicated I have been in contact with anyone testing positive for the virus.

The bad health news is I have been having some issues since Nov 2021. Medical tests are ongoing. I won’t have a clearer picture of my condition until mid-February 2022.

April 2022: More tests ordered in March and April. I now will not have an action plan until the end of April when I meet with my respirologist. I’m hopeful some sort of therapy will be presented but getting frustrated with the waiting…

June 2022: I just finished with the respirologist this week. Basically I have to monitor my condition from now on to try to keep it in check. My lungs have been damaged and health professionals have no idea why. I’m down to about 60% of my former lung capacity, but there has been some very slight improvement over the last four months of using an inhaler. The good thing is what is left of my lung capacity is working very well doing the blood / oxygen exchange process. The bad news is I get winded very easily and there is nothing that will reverse whatever process started last fall. I will be monitored regularly and appropriate therapies prescribed as necessary.

I continue to work, however I am modifying my schedule to limit any stresses on my lungs. Should you need help please send me an email, or use the Contact form. I will do my best to guide you in an email response. Expect a longer than usual response time. Limited phone and remote support options will be provided at my discretion and based upon how my lungs are working at the time.

The good news is you can still purchase your domains and hosting products from my web site. That process is automated and allows you to pay using your credit card.

Further updates will be posted as they become available. Thanks for your continuing support!

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